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Leopolis Jazz Fest 2020

Concerts featuring over a hundred world class musicians, performing on three stages in the city’s downtown area, over 100,000 spectators and around 200 accredited press reporters.

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Wireless Festival 2019

This year’s Wireless Festival will be taking place at Finsbury Park on Friday 5th to Sunday 7th July 2018. Tickets will now be available through our new Ticketmaster Festivals Front Gate system. Organisers have revealed the huge headliners for all three nights.

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Opening a book forum

2019 Jerusalem Prize Award Ceremony- Prize Awarded to Joyce Carol Oates Followed by A Tribute Discussion to Amos Oz Featuring President Reuven Rivlin, Prof. Fania Oz-Salzberger and Kobi Meidan

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IT conferences in Latvia

IBM InterConnect, Code/Media, SXSW, Google Next, Microsoft WPC, Adobe Summit…conferences you may have only dreamed of attending! So many technology conferences, so little time (or money)

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Boutique festival in Albania

Could Albania be the next hot festival destination? The folks behind Kala clearly think so. The second edition of this boutique festival trumpets its intimacy and exclusivity – only 2,000 people can attend (but don’t worry, this isn’t some Fyre Festival sitch).

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Primavera Sound 2019 Guide

Despite being a relatively young festival, the Primavera Sound Barcelona has carved out, with just right, a leading role in the Olympus of international festivals. The merit can be attributed to the character and physiognomy of the Festival; a markedly urban event.

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The Carnival Of Venice

If you are looking for festivals in Europe featuring elaborate masks, the Carnival of Venice is the place to be. Although the festival has roots that are a millennium old, the modern version only began in 1979 as an effort to revive the culture of this great city.

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Las Vegas How To Have Non Gambling Related Fun

The crowds of people (and piles of tourist dollars) that flow into Las Vegas these days have less to do with roulette wheels and blackjack tables than ever before. These days, just 36% of all income on the Strip comes from gambling.

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“It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.”

Grace was quoted in the July, 1986 edition of the Navy’s Chips Ahoy magazine as having said, “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.”

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Dvd Replication For Dummies

DVD replication is a physical production process that involves actually pressing the discs during manufacture from a glass master. Replicated discs are also referred to as DVD ROM discs, with the ‘ROM’ standing for ‘Read-Only Memory’